Architects in Germany
Architects in Germany


Flyer comparing architectural practice in English speaking countries and Germany

In a global and ever-tighter networked world, the percentage of architectural services that take place across borders is continually growing. German Architects and Engineers provide services for international clients in Germany and export their services around the world.

The term ‘German Engineering’ stands worldwide for quality and for a holistic and integrative form of practice. This goes hand-in-hand with the occupational image of German Architects and Engineers which is based on the aspiration to be a ‘Master Builder’, responsible for the entire project from start to finish. The German educational system and the normal scope of work follow this central principle, which is the key to guaranteeing high quality results.

International collaborations can only be successful if each party has the same understanding of their respective tasks and deliverables. Cultural and historical differences are a challenge that can, at the same time, be an enriching asset. The title ’Architect’ is the same worldwide. In practice, however, there are many differences between countries in terms of education, liability (legal systems), scopes of work and the way the profession defines itself.

As a part of a series of information brochures of the BDA, this brochure is intended to help potential clients and other planners involved in international projects to understand some of the main differences in building practice (the building practice’s understanding of itself) between Germany and English speaking countries.

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